Product disclaimer

Thank you for your interest in Petit Trader’s products. As you are going through this website, likely you are already aware of finance, investment, speculation and risk. Even so, my responsibility in creating good products extends to also inform all customers correctly.

So if you think of purchasing one of my products (or all of them!), before you rush to open your platform, to load the script, indicator or expert and start analysing or trading, please read this disclaimer. This disclaimer is reminded in all product documentations.

No artefact provided by Petit Trader nor their documentation are intended to form part of any kind of financial advice.

Trading and speculation are highly risky activities, they are no simple games and involve the trader’s money. Remember the typical financial disclaimer printed in small letters on any forex broker’s colourful website? That’s an example:

« The leveraged trading products available on this website are not appropriate for everyone. It is possible for losses to exceed your account balance. Do not trade with funds you cannot afford to lose and seek advice if you do not understand the risks. »

Brokers print this notice and limit it to a few words, just because they are forced to. Our vision of trading is that anyone putting his/her precious savings in a margined account should be explained the risks in detail.

1 – You are your own master.
> To enter an entirely unstable and limitless world, you need to be your own master.

The artifacts you have purchased are intended to help you analyse markets and instruments. They can also be introduced in a trading system. However, developing a system and a trading plan need to remain completely outside of the immediate application of the purchased artefacts.

Managing risk and managing money every day is even more than designing a system and a plan.

2 – Test your strategies, systems or plans.
> No tool, in any trading plan, could be used in a live account (i.e. real money) without testing. All good traders test and document the smallest change in their system; it could be the length of an indicator, an entry rule, a screening rule etc.

Before rushing to include any of the Petit Trader’s products into your system and plan, you need to test it first.

All brokers offer test / demo accounts with virtual money. This means you should for example test the indicator’s values, check your broker’s reactions against trade actions, test position sizing calculation, then test the take-profit calculation, then test the automated exit functionality etc.

3 – Integrate good tools to good plans.
> The products sold through have been thought as fantastic tools to include in your market analysis, systems design, trading plan setup and trading execution.
The core trading rationale for integrating these tools is to help controlling the risk associated with using your money, especially a margined account, in order to make money. If you use your monies to make profit, you're better off protecting those monies first!

... these tools do not recommend which instrument, currency pair, stock, index CFD etc you should include in your plan. They are not advising how you should trade: for how long, at what time, how to include your family responsibilities, how to manage your time etc.
I am not stating which amount of money you should use as a margin, not stating how much risk you should take on each trade.

My tools are here to implement analysis, risk, money and position management quickly and efficiently.

"To reach the finishing line among the firsts, the first thing is to get prepared among the firsts."
Enzo Ferrari

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